Smoothing is a process in which we take a bumper that is in mutiple peices and weld them together to form one seemless bumper. In addition to welding peices together we fill in any holes and smooth it out.

Shown below is a bumper that we received in 3 peices. Before we start the smoothing we remove all the dents, straighten, grind, and polish the bumpers. After that's complete we weld the peices together to form one solid bumper. We then proceed to fill in any holes that were used to hold the peices together. Unlike our competitors, we add brackets to add support to the bumper to prevent indentation from occuring when tightening the bolt. Soon after we put the bumper through our chroming process to get a show quality finish.

As Received
3 pcs. welded into 1
Holes Filled
Brackets Added
Bolts Added

-Click on the images for bigger version.

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