D&R Chrome Sales Policies

  1. All items will be paid for when picked up. Items will NOT be given back until we receive payment.
  2. D&R will not begin to work on new jobs until previous debts are paid off.
  3. Payments made will be IN FULL, no exceptions.
  4. D&R is NOT responsible for holding extra parts, ex. Brackets, glass, lights.
  5. All items received will be photographed and dated by both parties for records.
  6. All items received/sold will be on a work order (invoice) to avoid disputes.
  7. D&R is not responsible for any item NOT on the invoice/photograph.
  8. Any item not welded by D&R Chrome will not have any type of guarantee of quality on the welded area.
  9. Any work order cancelled will be charged depending on the amount of work already completed on that particular part.
  10. Once a work order has been completed, D&R will hold the items for a maximum of 30 days. If payment is not received, there will be a storage fee charge of $50 per week.
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